' ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS ' - the Polish Roll of Honour, The Battle Of Arnhem, 1944

2005.08.23 Nasza Polonia

In the weekend of 17 September 2005 a new book will be released. It is a tribute to the Polish soldiers and airmen that were killed in Operation Market Garden in September 1944, during the battle of Arnhem. The introduction tells the reader why and how the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group was formed and the important part its commander Major-General Stanislaw F. Sosabowski played in this process. These soldiers and officers trained hard for one goal only; the liberation of Poland. In stead they landed near Arnhem and many of them would never see their beloved Poland again. 

ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS contains the records of the 101 Polish soldiers that were killed during the battle of Arnhem. Each record is spread on two pages. The left page shows a portrait photo and the personal information, the opposite page shows the photo of the gravestone, and information on the cemetery and plot number.

ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS is bilingual (Polish and English) and comes in a handy size of 17x24 cm. Further details are the following:
224 pages, full colour, more then 300 unique photos of which most have never been published before in a book. Printed on high quality glossy paper with a strong binding. It will be shipped in a special strong cardboard packing.

ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS will be released on September 16th, 2005. The price is Euro 22,50 including package and postage in Europe, and Euro 27,50 outside Europe.

publisher: Market Garden Foundation
printed by: Royal Press C.C. Callenbach b.v. Nijkerk, Netherlands


Hallo From Arnhem

Please check our website about a new book that will be published in September 2005.

It is called ,,All Men Are Brothers '' and is the Roll Of Honour of the Polish Soldiers that

where killed during operation Market Garden. See the website www.marketgarden.com,

and go to http://www.marketgarden.com/sales/amab-en.php I think you would be interested.

                                                            Regards   Frans Ammerlaan