Anna Maria Jopek - Jazzy Tiel festival in November

2013.09.29 Nasza Polonia

On 2 November 2013, during the Jazzy Tiel festival, Anna Maria Jopek will present materials from her album "Polanna".

Folk music has surrounded her since she was a child: her parents, for example, were members of the world famous folk band Mazowsze. Marcin Kydry˝ski, the singer's producer and husband, writes how he has always regarded styles like the Portuguese fado, the Spanish flamenco or the Brazilian samba with some envy. He notices that these styles have become immensely popular not because of their original form, but thanks to great modern artists that have studied traditional themes and used them as inspiration. Much like Anna Maria Jopek. The music that will be performed during the evening forms the essence of Polish music. At the theatre in Tiel we will hear jazz-interpretations of XVI-century works and hymns from the XVIII century. There will be pieces by the great Polish composers from the early XX century, but songs of WWII partisans and scouts as well; songs that have been sung around campfires by generations.

All of these in amazing arrangements and the best renditions. The greatest hits of the singer's extensive discography won't be overlooked either.
Anna Maria Jopek will perform that night accompanied by some of the best Polish musicians:

Krzysztof Herdzin: duduk, vocals, piano
Cezary Konrad: drums
Robert Kubiszyn: contrabass, acoustic bass guitar
Marek Napiˇrkowski: acoustic and classical guitar 
Pedro Nazaruk: vocals, zither, flute, dulcimer

"It is the search for the soul of Polish identity in music, in arrangements by the multiple Grammy-winner Gil Goldstein and Krzysztof Herdzin. Members of the specially formed band are among others: the Cuban master of the piano, Gonzalo Rubacalba, the grande dame of Polish folk Maria Pomianowska, and classic cellist Rafa Kwiatkowski. This gives us a new view of some of the most beautiful and important moments in our musical history. Beginning with Wacaw from Szamotuy, through old folk-songs, Stanisaw Moniuszko, Mieczysaw Karowicz, to Karol Szymanowski and the Skaldowie group. The album "Polanna" was recorded in the Radio Gda˝sk studio and mixed in the MRS studio in New York by Grammy Award winner Joe Ferla with the help of Steve Rodby from the Pat Metheny Group."

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