Felix Meritis - Meeting Lutos│awski

2013.11.19 Nasza Polonia

In 2013, it is 100 years since the birth of Witold Lutosawski; a great Polish composer who does not get enough recognition from the wider audience in the Netherlands. 23 November Felix Meritis Amsterdam.

De uitvoering vindt plaats op zaterdag 23 november om 20.15 uur in Felix Meritis Amsterdam. Dit project maakt deel uit van een uitgebreid programma, waarmee het ensemble Arcato Lingua het hondertste geboortejaar van deze wereldberoemde Poolse componist viert.

Magdalena Jesionek Uncertain Clarity 2009 Den Haag oil, acrylic on canvas 120 x 160 cm

The ensemble Arcato Lingua, with Arnout Lems (singer) and Magdalena Jesionek (visual artist), is presenting music, spoken word and images, to express the music of Lutosawski.

The ensemble Arcato Lingua with Anna Korpalska and Robert Lis (violin), Giles Francis (viola) and Boena Kopczy˝ska (cello), will perform string quartets from Witold Lutosawski and Karol Szymanowski, as well as songs by Arnout Lems  in an arrangement for voice and string quartet. 

During the musical performance, archictectural paintings from Jesionek will be projected; they will go into dialogue with the sounds of the string quartet.

23 November 2013
Start: 20:15
Admission: 22,50 Euro

Discount CJP/student 10,- Euro

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