Online the complete documentation of the:

Organized by : Caterina Davinio &

122 international artists. Co-operative work of the most important experimental poets in the world with the participation of young poets and artists. Among the 200 involved experimental poets, visual poets and artists: Ilona Wenek- Ziemba, Grace Wychowanska and Pawe Kwaniewski.

Photo Reportage / Documentation of all the selected "virtual" works and of the "real" exhibitions, performances, installations, realized simultaneously by the artists:
Christina McPhee
(USA), Aleksey Shklyaev (Russia), Archaeopteryx Art Group Russia), Brice Bowman (USA), Bluecheese Factory (Italy), Joseph Franklyn McElroy (USA), Donna McElroy (USA), Alckmar Luiz dos Santos (Brazil), Gilbertto Prado (Brazil), Alvaro Andrade Garcia (Brazil), Coco Gordon (USA), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Pedro Lopez Casuso (Venezuela), Siglinde Kallnbach (Germany), Calogero Barba (Italy), Caterina Davinio (Italy), (international group)

Where:Rome (Italy) - Los Angeles (USA), Santa Catarina (Brazil), San Luis Obispo (California USA), New York - Manhattan and Ground Zero (USA), St Petersburg, Izhevsk, Perm, (Russia), Nova Lima (Minas Gerais, Brazil), Cologne (Germany), Lecco (Italy), Playa, Pueblo de "Choroni" (Venezuela), Milan (Italy), Caltanissetta (Italy), Montevideo (Uruguay)and other cities. > On line:

"Against the art of the art-works I want to teach a superior art: the art of invention of fests" (Friedrich Nietzsche, 1881)

The spirit of the Global Poetry Action is the fest. The idea is a collective creation which runs in the net as communication, art made of communication, which brings people, who live very far, in contact; but we also play on the semantic limit between real and virtual; so we realize this collaborative performance also as concrete, "real" thing out of the net, in remote places of the planet, as installation, performance, exhibition, and then we bring it again in Internet, as web site. The virtual action took place March 21, the real performances happened contemporaneously 21-23 March, the exhibitions / installations are still visible in the real spaces and now on line.