Exhibition of Karina Dukalska


2011.08.30 Nasza Polonia


Star Galerie Den Haag.


3 - 12 September 2011. Opening 3ed September from 16.00 till 20.00.


“My recent paintings are set in an urban environment. The variation between sharp blacks and bright merging colours creates the mood of heavy and busy city being toned down by a joyful sky. These works also question the depth of the image itself. The landscape is seen by the eye to have a certain distance portrayed, when in fact it is a simple black stilhouette that creates this assumption.”


Borneostraat 116

2585 TW Den Haag

Tel.+ 3116 2170 0679



The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday 14.30 - 20.00. Sundays open by appointment only.