2011.09.29 Nasza Polonia


Blaton & Rypson, Anthropologists in Art, presenteren:

Pleasure Works! By Maurycy Gomulicki



October 8th till November 5th 2011at WM Gallery


Opening: October 8th, 17.00-19.00

The artist will be present!



'Minimal Fetish 10' by Maurycy Gomulicki


'From the serie: Vaginettes', Maurycy Gomulicki.


About the exhibition:

Come Saturday, October 8th, WM Gallery will be transformed into a space of sexual desire, fetishist fantasy or (depending upon your particular libidinous preferences) garish repugnance. You will have the opportunity to take a sneaky peak into the succulent sauciness of Polish artist Maurycy Gomulicki's wonderful world of lust, fascination and ecstasy where pleasure, indeed, works.


As an artist, Maurycy Gomulicki stands virtually alone. In the context of Poland's cultural and artistic traditions, characterised on the one hand by a conservative, even puritanical, Roman-Catholicism, and, on the other, by a high social activism within a politically engaged art scene, Gomulicki is somewhat of a conundrum. He both delights in the mischievous subversion of political correctness, while at the same time coupling it with an, oftentimes lyrical, social critique and intelligence. His visually explosive (and intellectually adventurous) celebration of pleasure, sex, and zest for life have provided an interesting and much-needed counterpoint to Poland's rather constricting discourse as it pertains to the negation of pleasure. Indeed, Maurycy has always been an unapologetic and extremely consistent proponent of the cult of ecstasy.


With a surprisingly anthropological sensibility, Gomulicki looks, gazes and stares, preferably at the fairer sex; as such, he is an unapologetic voyeur. Besides, he has an immense collection of the most disparate cultural artefacts; many of them direct manifestations of obsessions and fetishisms from the popular culture of desire. Obviously, he is not merely an ethnographic collector; Gomulicki is above all a producer of culture. It is perhaps this interplay that renders him such a successful connoisseur of temptation.


Consider his series 'Minimal Fetish' (of which two triptychs will be available in the coming show). With meticulous attention to detail, he shows us female buttocks in frilly underwear, pushed-up breasts, high-heeled feet, calves in fishnet stockings, glossily pouting lips or lacquered nails; often in garish, fluorescent, colour-based juxtapositions. But this is not simply a collection of the (female) body sexual; too easy. Rather, it appears to be an aestheticised typology of the myriad ways in which the male gaze might manifest itself onto the female body. As such, Maurycy provides us fragments of the body cultural. As art-critic Adam Mazur puts it (in relation to another series by Maurycy: 'Sentimental Typologies'); Gomulicki ".attempt(s) to penetrate and decipher the carnal code of desire and fantasy". It is this intense focus which also characterises his series "Vaginettes" (also on display in the coming show). Here, the vagina (although Maurycy might prefer the word 'pussy', or 'cunt') is subject to geometric and graphic manipulation. The result is a filigree iconography of this ultimate object of male desire and lust. As such, Gomulicki's work leaves soft-core erotica far behind, at the same time transcending hard-core pornography. Importantly however, Gomulicki's typologies of desire and fetish, obsession and fantasy, fascination and lust do not deal with sexual frustration; rather, his is the realm of intense fulfilment and pleasure.


About the artist:

Maurycy Gomulicki (born 1969) artist, designer, photographer, collector, pop-culture anthropologist, author of spatial installations and short video-works. Hedonist deeply devoted and consequently promoting the Culture of Pleasure. His works have been showcased at many exhibitions in his home country and abroad since the early 90's. Consultant and co-author of the project ABCDF - a visual dictionary of Mexico City (2000-2002). He has collaborated and is in large part responsible for the graphic and architectural image of Erotika Love Store sex shops chain (Mexico, 2005). He introduced himself to a broader public through his subversive, multidisciplinary project Pink Not Dead! (2006). Author of three photo albums: F˙nebre (with Jeronimo Hagerman, Editorial Diamantina, 2006), W-wa (Bŕc Zmiana Foundation, 2007) and Minimal Fetish (LeTo Gallery, 2010). Many of his pieces enter into a dialogue with eroticism and pornography - in this case, noteworthy works include a huge mural in the Zachŕta Gallery in Warsaw: Fertility Pop (2008) or a series of collages titled Pussy Mandala (2008-9). His latest large scale realisations include, among others, Eco Fever (Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico DF, 2008), Pink Bridge (San Diego Children's Museum, 2008), Pearl (DTP Wigry, 2009) Color Cube (Renoma, Wrocaw 2010) and Obelisk (BWA Arsena, Pozna˝ 2010). Since October 2009 his Lightspurt has flooded with pink neon light the Kŕpa Potocka park in Warsaw. The projects he's realised so far this year include Bibliophilia (MOCAK, Krakˇw), Fern Flower (Arsena, Biaystok), Phantom (Lublin Castle, Lublin), Sanctuary (Krˇlikarnia, Warsaw), Diamonds Are Forever (Arsena, Pozna˝) and Spectre - romantic post-vandalism (CitÚ Administrative, Brussels). Gomulicki permanently collaborates with Warsaw's LeTo gallery. He lives and works between Poland and Mexico.








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